MC Dress: Babaton (Similar) , Anna Dress: JCrew, Geneviève Dress: from Nordstrom (Jumpsuit similar) |  Photo: Matt Ayotte 

by Geneviève Parent & Annabel McLaughlin, Bloggers

As spring is finally showing up (fashionably late!), we end our last academic semester for life! Both of these well-mixed gives a cocktail of stress, but also a sense of serenity and accomplishment. The blooming landscapes make us want to finish everything just as beautifully and finally flourish in our new career. As summer approaches, the best feeling is to accomplish this in a new colorful, warm colored dress. Fashionable or retro, we appreciate the flowers and always feel good in a little sundress.

Working in couples therapy, a bouquet of flowers is often used to deliver different messages. Whether for forgiveness, as a simple thanks, or for romance, it has many meanings. A floral arrangement may imply several messages difficult to say otherwise.

The language of flowers is not limited to love as its first association seems to indicate. Some flowers also have therapeutic virtues when infused, such as chamomile or lavender, known for their anti-stress and soothing effects.


From a historical point of view, the symbol of the flower is striking. In Roman mythology, flowers were associated with the goddess Flora, goddess of flowers and spring, controlling blooms. In addition, for a long time flowers have been designated as a symbol of love.

What’s more romantic than a bouquet of red roses to symbolize our love for the beloved? Sure, the customs and rituals of love have changed you say, but the fact remains that receiving a beautiful bouquet from our partner in life will always be a very romantic and appreciated gift.

See below for a few more specific examples to unravel their meaning:

  • Rose for love, beauty, and passion.
  • Daisy means innocence and purity while representing the sun
  • Tulip also means love, but it has long been considered as a symbol of charity. It’s in its simplicity that the tulip radiates, not being the most popular flower of the garden, but for which one admires, however, its beauty.
  • Orchid is a symbol of fertility, delicacy and charm

The flowers also seem to have inspired the field of sexuality. Indeed, in the 18th and 19th century, voluptuous flowers were considered the ideal embodiment of passion and desire. In paintings, drawings, and historical illustrations, the flower was considered the very symbol of sex.

The flowers are so rich in meaning and symbols. Whether offered as a pardon or simply to please, they are symbolic of love and affection. Happy and radiant, they are also a simple way to add color to decor. Let’s admire them and pray that spring will come early next year (still so cold in Montreal).

The Look

Yellow dress: Casual, Jumpsuit, Haute Couture

Red dress:  Casual, Flirty, Haute Couture

Orange dress: Anna Dress, Jumpsuit, Flirty,

“To lose its flower” : The phrase “to lose its flower” originated in the 19th century because of the orange blossoms, used in bouquets and crowns for the bride and symbolized her virginity. The current expression has gradually taken on the more poetic meaning of losing one’s virginity.

For us, the arrival of spring is highlighted by a bouquet of flowers offered as a celebration of the end of our university studies. We cannot wait to put on our beautiful summer dresses! Wish us good luck for the last few miles, and we are throwing flowers your way for encouragement in your personal projects!

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