Suit: Marciano (Similar), Shoes: Aldo (Similar), BodySuit: Maricano (Similar)  |  Photo: Matt Ayotte 

by Marie-Claude Boisvert, Chief Editor

As Valentine’s Day arrived at the same time as the cold month of February, I’m asking myself – with our busy lives, in this modern society, is love now only an ephemeral thing like the trend of the season, or does a romantic love life still exist, like that timeless, classic Chanel bag my grand mother wore?

Don’t get me wrong, we all love the new trends every season, like my new red flashy suit. It’s exciting and different. Our brains love to discover new things, it gets excited and releases a massive dose of dopamine which makes us feel “alive”. The passion, the excitement, we are all running after that but what about a deeper love? Is it now almost science fiction to imagine yourself being faithful to the same person for 30 years? Is it a generational thing or simply becoming the new way (given our access to information and meeting others just being easier nowadays)?

A colleague of mine described the millenial generation as “a generation of haters that are dying to be loved”. His statement makes me question myself. I mean, we are still releasing the same hormones that constitute “love” (mostly talking about dopamine), but what about the need to slowly get attached when the oxytocin gets released, which is associated with a deeper love? (See my full article on it here)

Born 1981-1996, the American millenniums are less likely to get married (once again being from Quebec, it doesn’t mean that you cannot find a stable partner and have a family without being married but that’s another subject). According to the Pew Research Center,25 percent of millennials are likely to never get married, and the one that does so get married way later. The median age at first marriage is now 27 for women (20 in 1960) and 29 for men (23 in 1960). Yah yah, I still heard you saying that life expectancy also rose, but I wanted to point out the change in our lifestyle.

My Look


Suit: Marciano (Similar Blazer, Similar Pants)

Casual Blazeron-a-budget Blazer

BodySuit: Marciano (Similar here)

Heels: Aldo (Similar)

Similar Earrings and Similar Necklace

It’s clear that it’s way easier to buy a new exciting suit (black classic velvet on sale) every year, rather than to have to dry clean yours, get it tailored or adjusted and take good care of it even if it’ll last you for very long. Our lifestyle has changed, but what about our needs? My colleague’s definition really got to me. Are we treating love the same way as our shopping and consumption habits?

All of that makes me consider achieving more of a balance in my wardrobe. A balance between the new trends of the season, like that red suit, and some classics that will last me a long time. Investing in a good quality piece that is worth a bit more may be a good thing after all (it’s also better for the environment; another characteristic of the millennial gen!).

What can I say – I’m a romantic when it comes to my relationship with my closet.