Fall on the Brooklyn Bridge : The Amazing story of Emily Warren Roebling

 DressWayfHat: Rag & Bone | NYC-Brooklyn Bridge| Photo: Matt Ayotte | Shoes: Michael Kors, Purse: TradeMark

by Marie-Claude Boisvert, Chief Editor

The construction of the Brooklyn Bridge highlights one of the first women engineers; a pioneer. A proof that the magnificence of the buildings around us is created by inspiring men AND women.

Before I tell you the story of Emily Warren Roebling, let’s take a look at my new favorite look of autumn; the maxi with long sleeves.

This WAYF dress was out of stock after only 2 weeks, happily it’s now back in stock but for how long?

I was also pleasantly surprised by the quality of my fedora from Rag & Bone, the shape of the hat remains in place no matter the crazy things I can do (similar less expensive).

I finished this fall look with my Michael Kors booties and a new brand of handbag that I recently discovered: TradeMark.

A second more elegant look for this dress would be to wear it with beige heels and large gold earrings.

Back to the story of the Brooklyn Bridge

Washington Roebling, husband of Emily, was appointed chief engineer for the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge which began in 1869. At that time, the working conditions were not always optimal. A few years after the beginning of the construction of the bridge, Washington starts suffering from a disease called “caisson disease” which put him to bed.

Emily, to support her husband, became the messenger between the engineering team and Washington; he taught her the composition of the materials, catenary curve calculation, stress test and more.

During the 11 years in which she took over, she took charge several of her husband’s responsibilities. She had to negotiate with multiple politicians, engineers and other so that she and her husband remained in charge of the construction of the bridge which was completed in 1883.

A strong woman and a beautiful love story.

“Women weren’t supposed to be engineers. But sometimes rules are made to be changes.”

Emily was honored at the official opening ceremony of the bridge. To quote Adam Stevens Hewitt; “The Brooklyn Bridge is an eternal monument due to the devotion of a woman and her ability to follow the path that had been forbidden for too long.”

Emily Warren is a wonderful example of determination. Believe in yourself, put the efforts into it and no one will stop you.

A wonderful book for children on the story of Emily Warren Roebling: here.