Photo: Brendon Chee | Stylist: Marie-Claude Boisvert
Dress: Halogen, Shoes: Steve Madden, Hat: Kate Spade

by Marie-Claude Boisvert

So, it’s time to move but before I get too emotional let me give some of my travel advice. When I take the plane, I like to be comfortable. In the past, I was always traveling in jogging pants or in sportswear but the more and more I like to feel feminine (don’t get me wrong, I still travel in my workout clothes when the weather is rainy) but sometimes it’s nice to feel good about when you passed the border.

Also, I love hats but we both know that suitcases can be fatal to them, so why not travel with it on your head (after all it’s where they belong).

Here some of my favorite comfy dress and jumpsuit to travel.

Last month, I packed my bags and I said Byebye to Toronto. After the last 2 years without having settled anywhere from Montreal to Toronto to Calgary to London,UK and to New York, it’s time to settle, a least for a little while. It’s time to move in the city where everything can happen.

Leaving is always bittersweet, trust me, I had been there a lot in the past 2 years. ”You leave behind amazing friends that you truly care about”, but in the last 2 years, I revisit this last sentence. Leaving doesn’t mean at all that something needs to end. Time difference, kilometers, even ocean didn’t stop me from caring, loving and building connexion; it’s sure is more difficult but true love is true love. Love doesn’t need to define itself. Over the years, I also learned to take positively that someone can only be a shining star for a little wild in your life; take it with a smile.

It’s time to jump in the jungle of the Big Apple; ”le nouveau York”.  After Maude past 2 years in the city and gave me her advice, I have a list of amazing places to discover. Despite this, I know that in the next year there will be laughs and tears. I will have new friends to make and a great career to work on but it will sure be a great adventure.

Like the ”Chainsmokers” will said: New-York city please go easy on me! New York; let’s see what you got.