by Marie-Claude Boisvert


Photo: Matt Ayotte and Davone Phongsa | MUA: Lory Danaraso | Stylist: Marie-Claude Boisvert
MC: Gal meet Glam (similar), Jade: Armaniexchange (similar) & earrings, Annabel: Marciano (similar), Geneviève: Ted Baker, Véro:Armaniexchange 

Although September has arrived, from Montreal to New York (without forgetting Toronto!), the heat wave is still present. It’s still time to catch the last rays of sun before seeing the warm colors of fall appearing quickly around us. Although your social networks will soon be flooded with new styles and trends for this upcoming turtleneck season, all I can think of are end of season sales!

The little white dress is the new little black dress; and it’s so cute. For my part, I have a crush every time I stumble upon a classy white dress, my wardrobe is full of them. Little trick to keep them white: backing soda! Anna

The beach is ideal for a picnic where you can wear your little sundress, but did you know that several beaches are in the process of becoming instinct? Yes, you heard well! For me, it was a real surprise to learn that the beautiful shoreline could possibly dissapear.

Indeed, due to climate change, the sea level has risen by about 8 inches since 1880 (2017 statistics) and could rise another 4 inches by 2100. As the consequences of these water elevations, we saw an erosion of reefs, floods, freshwater contamination by salt water, and more…

Gal Meets Glam is a new brand that launched last April, and it’s a real treasure for me. Every month, the blogger and owner Julia Engle launches a new line of elegant and versatile dresses. MC

These days, we find more and more artificial beaches. What a sad concept: humans destroy nature and later dig in the bottom of the ocean to find the sand needed to create brand new beaches. Makes perfect sense… (sarcasm level 100 here).

Take care of these beautiful beaches, they are so precious.

Jade is wearing a classic black dress with flamboyant earrings and pink heels. A good way to create multiple looks with one dress is to add all kinds of accessories like these ones to a unicolored dress. This Armanie Exchange black dress could also be worn with neutral jewelry and black or beige shoes to create an elegant and chic look as well. Jade

Gen definitely wears the most glamorous dress of us all. This long yellow Ted Baker dress matched with black heels is worthy of a gala evening or a wedding night. It is also possible to wear it with flat sandals and a jean jacket in order to pull off this little wonder in a casual way. Gen

Véro is wearing her turquoise mini-dress from Armani Exchange, enhancing the blue of her eyes. Her favorite outfit when she is far from her biology lab! Véro