Photographer: Davone Phongsa | MUA: Lory Danaraso | Stylist: Marie-Claude Boisvert

Location: Old Boucherville | Dress: Armani Exchange

Vogue calls it USD – the Ultimate Summer Dress – that perfectly comfortable yet well-adjusted, light material dress that you want to wear on the 30+ degrees days. In my case, considering I work in a quite casual environment, it’s an all-around perfect fit for the office, a style that won’t make me break a sweat, literally. ☺️


The summer dress holds an important place throughout fashion history, even in modern-day political events: the young African-American woman in her sundress facing a riot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a few years ago – a photo caught by the New York Times capturing the violent bifurcation of contemporary society.




Let’s not forget Elizabeth Eckford, one of the first African-American women to ever attend classes at a school in 1957 in Arkansas.

The black and white photograph of her in a stunning summer dress, walking in front of white students that are yelling at her, insulting her for even having the right to go the same school… an important story of the American civil rights movement.


When looking into the semiotics of dresses, i.e. it’s symbolism and linguistic signs (signs that are not limited to language only!), the dress has always held a strong position. This very feminine type of clothing not only stands for gender differentiation, it is also a classic that clinical psychologist Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner describes as an effective, classic piece of clothing proven over time in her Forbes interview about what clothes really say about individuals.

To conclude, I want to add that Armani Exchange is having a sale of 50% on many styles, especially dresses – mine is this one, and I stumbled upon a very similar one that is very impressive – take a look!

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