Photo: Matt Ayotte and Davone Phongsa | MUA: Lory Danaraso | Stylist: Marie-Claude Boisvert
MC: Zara, Jade: Top Shop, Annabel: Babaton, Geneviève: Calvin Klein, Véro: Zara and Lewit shoes

by the Heels & Brains Team

So, our little baby, Heels & Brains, is now 1 year old. Already a year, how time flies! In the last 365 days, we produced more than 30 styles – looks that go from a relaxed weekend to a day at the office – 9 science articles about love chemistry, different addictions (from coffee to shopping), and more.


Within a year, the H&B team has also evolved and transformed into what it is today. Véro, researcher in microbiology, came on board rapidly, and we were proud to introduce you to our new collaborators in sexology (learn more here) who will publish their first article shortly. H&B has been transformed, refining itself in the last year. There were ups and downs, lots of laughs and hundreds of hours of work. We are proud of the work we have accomplished and will work hard to bring you content that you will enjoy for our second year.

Heels & Brains brings together a group of women, but also men, and WE LOVE YOU MATT (our main photographer who likes to learn about various topics, mainly about human behavior and the environment that surrounds us). All of it mixed with a fashion aspect since we must admit; fashion is a flagrant form of art.

All these designers who carefully choose colors, textures and cuts are for me a reflection of a painter creating a painting. Art influences us, makes us feel a multitude of emotions and even plays with the chemistry of our brain (article on this particular aspect to come soon!).


Speaking of fashion, Anna and Jade both opted for pink suits; the official color of Heels & Brains. Jade is photographed in a more classic cut from Top Shop, while Anna wears a more casual style from Babaton.

Heels & Brains being a collective, each of our collaborators sees a different purpose and a different reason to participate in this beautiful project.


For me, Heels & Brains represents a large part of my passions. Science, learning, but also fashion, the arts; a platform where creativity is welcome.

I have always advocated that we shouldn’t restrict ourselves to one stereotype and that different passions could very well be complementary and bundled up in one.

Heels & Brains is there to prove it.



For my part, I opted for a more casual look. This season, we noted that sneakers are under the spotlight. It is more and more common to see sneakers paired with tailors, creating a chic urban look.

Completely dressed in white, I finished it off with an affordable pair of earrings from Forever21. See also another pair, these ones I’m crazy about!


Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today – and I couldn’t be more grateful than to have been alongside MC for 1 year now, making Heels & Brains a reality, a place for women to look for inspiration, fashion ideas and smart facts!


We want to help and educate people about sexuality, something that is so intimate and personal.

That’s why we decided to join the Heels and Brains team, to write and share our knowledge.

Gen and Anna

Gen and Vero are wearing dresses version of the classic tailor.

With its big buttons this Calvin Klein black dress worn by Gen, gives us a very original jacket effect that can easily be worn alone or with a waist belt.

For Vero, this Zara neutral blue dress wrap(another beautiful wrap dress here) at the waist fits perfectly with a pair of colorful shoes; I’m crazy about these Lewit shoes.

I love writing about science and discovering new concepts related to health, nutrition and medicine. H&B allows me to share this passion and to transmit my knowledge. H&B is also a group of friends made up of exceptional, creative, entrepreneurial and “go-getter” type of women, sharing our knowledge and passion for science and fashion.


For our second year, many surprises are coming, new articles, looks, a platform and more.

Enough about us – what are YOUR interests? What would you like to see in 2018 and 2019 on H&B? Which topics would you like to see us write about? Which looks would you like us to explore?


Don’t hesitate to write to us, (, or leave us a comment. And do not forget that science and fashion can easily go hand in hand.