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by Annabel McLaughlin and Geneviève Parent

Sex is everywhere. Everyone is talking about it, but the field of sexology is still unknown to many. This discipline studies human sexuality from an interdisciplinary perspective, including its biological, physical, psychological, and cognitive aspects.

For both of us, Annabel and Geneviève, both doing our Masters degree in Sexology, we cannot count the number of times we have been asked what a sexologist actually does.Our educational training is focused on understanding one’s sexual behaviors and development in order to improve, maintain or restore sexual health.

For Annabel, completing a Master’s degree in Sexology is a privilege, as it allows her accessibility into the practice as a clinical sexologist and psychotherapist.

The relationship between couples, including issues such as infidelity, lust, and sexual dysfunctions, are cherished themes.How does ovulation work? Which criteria defines premature ejaculation? How could fluctuations in sexual desire be explained? Could an STD be transmitted through saliva?

During an internship, a teenager asked her if the contraceptive pill should be taken just before sexual intercourse, as we would do with ibuprofen to get rid of a headache.

Currently, in 2018, several questions related to sexuality persist. The frequency and persistence of these questions reinforce the need for sex education.

The style of Annabel is simple and distinguished.

For Geneviève, her atypical academic career is not without passion for the field surrounding sexuality. With a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and currently completing a Master’s degree in Clinical Sexology, it goes without saying that the desire to help others is her priority.

Considering that sexuality is one of the most intimate spheres of our lives, she feels lucky to be able to share and accompany people through it.

Sexual dysfunction and marital problems are her main areas of interest for her future career.

Her experience working with women and children who are victims of domestic abuse strengthened her desire to help people going through difficult times, while promoting sexual health as an integral part of overall well-being.

Geneviève’s style is modern and casual.

Many elements motivated our interest in sexology, and several others inspired the creation of our Instagram account SexoMcLove. In the era of social networks, this platform seemed the most appropriate to share sexological content. We want to help and educate people about sexuality, something that is so intimate and personal.

That’s why we decided to join the Heels and Brains team to write and share our knowledge. Rape within relationships, premature ejaculation, feminine masturbation and contraception are topics for our upcoming articles.

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