Photo: Max Wong | Stylist : Marie-Claude Boisvert | Location: Gallery Beauchamp, Toronto | Pants: Massimo Dutti, shoes: Zara | Hair and MUA: Erin Wheatley

by Marie-Claude Boisvert, Chief Editor

Black! Such a classic and full of potential to match and create outfits. Yes, black works for any occasion; professional events, evenings with friends, a cocktail, an interview or a meeting, black is the colour you need to prioritize.

Black has a long history in terms of trends and fashion over the years. It’s actually a timeless color. In fact, the unspoken rule is that when you have a job interview or a business meeting, you should be wearing black to preserve a certain neutrality.

In my colorful world, the bluish accent of these Zara shoes is just perfect. A little touch that gives life to this neutral outfit. Thus, these Massimo Dutti pants and this Guess top are items that go a long way, to be paired with many other options from my closet in the future!

Color, although anodyne when you think about it, influences our emotions and actions much more than we think. Nowadays, color and its effects are an omnipresent subject in psychology and marketing. They “are created” according to the wavelength of light that the objects emit or reflect.

Black survived through all trends, styles, and fashions over the years. It’s a timeless color. Scientifically speaking, black refers to black holes and nothingness, it expresses no strong feeling, it’s a color that is said to be neutral. In fact, according to the rules of the art, when we have a job interview or business meeting, the black allows us to prevent any pre-established opinion or judgement from the other person.

In physics, specifically in optics, black is ”created” by the absorption of all wavelengths by the retina of the eye, which results in an effect of absence of color, as opposed to white which absorbs wavelengths in equal parts. When the illuminance is less than a certain amount (0.01 lux), humans are unable to distinguish the different colors from each other.
Black being so neutral, it blends well with bright colors. On a more colorful note, I fell for these blue Zara shoes. A personal touch that gives life to this neutral ensemble.

Isaac Newton was the first to discover how the white light is divided into component (the white is the composition of all the colors contrary to what one could think). He made his discovery through different prisms by which they decompose the primary colors (the kind of experience that can be done in high school physics classes).

In short, colors allow us to express ourselves, whether through clothing and style or other aspects of life. Make it your ally.