Photo: Adrian Diamzon | Stylist: Jade Jehle | Location: Centennial Park, Dollard-des-Ormeaux | Boots: Material Girl, Bag: Coach

by Jade Jehle, Creative Director & Blogger

Catching the last rays of warm sunshine before the snow officially covers our Canadian grounds for the season… Not only am I wearing these Victorian-era inspired fall tones (in fact, butter, lemon, gold, and yellow were trendy colours worn by women in the 19th century!) to make a fashion statement, I am also showing that mustard, beige and yellow tones can be suitable for fair-skinned ladies, brunettes or anyone without that beautiful olive-skin or amazing all-year-round dark skin. If I was dark, I would be rocking yellow on a daily basis! It has actually been my favourite colour since my childhood…

The yellow glistens.
It glistens with various yellows,
Citrons, oranges and greens
Flowering over the skin.”
― Wallace Stevens, American Modernist poet, early 19 hundreds.

As part of fashion theory and history in 1876 and thereafter, yellow was considered to be particularly becoming to brunettes and women with black hair as it neutralized the yellow and orange undertones in their skin, thereby whitening and brightening the complexion.

Closely related to this special colour, tan and camel are ones that are fashionable from head to toe. For the more demure ladies, silk, slip dresses or other monochromatic tan ensembles are highly recommendable to wear these shades without standing out too much! Gold jewelry is always the best bet to accompany this colour palette, as well as nude shoes, that are an easy yet trendy option to be paired with. Given the setting of this fun photo shoot, I chose brown knee-high boots, both comfy and safe in case of puddles, dirt, ducks walking up to me from the small pond asking for a piece of my snack (true story)! 😉

Since I found this outfit in small trendy boutiques in Germany that have no webpages, I gathered similar choices I fell in love with online, all at very reasonable prices given the Christmas shopping that most of you may have coming up!