Photo: Agnieszka Dobrowolska | Location: West London | Stylist: Marie-Claude Boisvert | Skirt: Zara, Shirt: Marciano, Purse: Cos
by Jade Jehle, Creative Director & Blogger | August 31, 2017

Although summer is coming to an end, let’s not put aside the bright, vibrant colours that fill our closets and Although summer is coming to an end, let’s not put aside the bright, vibrant colours that fill our closets and heart with joy. 😉 This outfit not only inspired me due to the summery tones, but mostly for the confidence and pride I felt while wearing it. I won’t lie; there are days where I don’t feel as vibrant, even days where I feel inferior to others in the workplace. A great sense of fashion can certainly help lift me, but what truly matters comes from the inside.

“Fortune does favor the bold and you’ll never know what you’re capable of if you don’t try.” – Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook

Despite the degrees and years of work experience, women like myself can feel less worthy due to visible gaps, whether it’s gender related or any other bias. After all, the latest statistic on management positions held by women worldwide is still only 12%. Speaking of the gender gap, in 2015, women were earning 77% of what men earned, and a new global study is yet to come.

As said by Margie Warrell in For Women To Rise We Must Close ‘The Confidence Gap’, “given confidence is defined as our belief in our ability to succeed at a given task, a lack of it drives risk aversion and makes people less willing to pursue new challenges. Safer to stick with the status quo” – is exactly what makes me want to show even more confidence in challenges that are presented to me under various circumstances.

I just want to encourage anyone that has a moment of weakness, a time of uncertainty, a situation where someone doubted their abilities. I want to remind everyone that someone’s inability to see your worth should be ignored, and replaced with your own words of encouragement, to yourself: keep in mind your achievements, your degrees, the reason behind your smile, on a daily basis. Plus, a proven way (not so scientifically proven, but still highly recommended!) to keep your confidence at its maximum is to dress to impress… yourself! Key factor when dressing should be to make yourself happy and satisfied, leaving you with no reason to feel down…

For more details on this reality, you might want to check out the latest available Global Gender Gap Report. As for this beautiful work attire, see below for more ideas that will help you shine!