Location : Ontario Lake | Stylist : Marie-Claude Boisvert | Photograph: Matt Ayotte | Skirt and Top: Club Monaco, Earrings and Shoes: J.Crew

by Marie-Claude Boisvert, Chief Editor | September 26, 2017

The summer is still on and there are still a few weeks left before the Hammertime sails back to the port. I was lucky enough to have been introduced to sailing at the end of the summer, on my return from London. OK, yes, seasickness was really there at the beginning but after a while, I got better, I said better, not fine. One day, I will defeat the ocean, or in the present case; the lake. In the meanwhile, I have the chance to sail on the Hammertime; my sailor training is taking more time than expected. What can I say; I have other qualities.

Fun facts on the Ontario Lake:

The Hammertime is moored on Ontario Lake; one of the 5 Great Lakes of North America. These represent 21% of the world’s freshwater reserves.

The Ontario Lake is bordered by the province of Ontario, including the city of Toronto and the state of New York in the United States side.

The river and the Niagara Falls feed the lake which eventually flows into the St. Lawrence River!

This sailor-chic look is suitable for the office, brunches with the girls or even last minute drinks after work. The look from Club Monaco is currently on sale here: blouse and skirt. The collection also includes the sailor pants and a version of the blouse in green color. The earrings and shoes are from J.Crew. And yes ! Another pair of earrings from JCrew, what can I say: I’m addicted.