Photo: Matthew Nel | Stylist: Marie-Claude Boisvert | Location: London-Tower Bridge | Dress: Sandro, Shoes: Vince Camuto

By Marie-Claude Boisvert, Chief Editor | November 4, 2017

Rain boots, an essential in London, especially in November. London is known to be rainy but is this stereotype real? Does it really constantly rain? When looking at the statistics between 2010 and 2016, the average of rainy days per year in London was 164 days. If we compare it with New York, which has had an average of 121 days of rain per year, London is not as rainy as we believed.

I must confess that the clouds are very or too often present, covering this beautiful city with a dark shade. In London, I quickly learned that keeping a small wool coat in my purse is an essential. However, this city is breathtaking, and I must admit that last summer was particularly sunny, lucky me!

These rain boots by Vince Camuto are perfect to carry me to the office; with a pair of black heels hidden in my purse. Here are some other models from Burberry, MK, Classic Hunter, and Joules (to discover). Even more so, the magic lies in this perfectly suited black dress, AND it’s on sale: see here.