Photo: Adrian Diamzon | Location: Marché de l’Ouest, Montreal | Stylist: Jade Jehle | Dress: Zara, Boots: L’Intervalle, Bag: Coach

by Jade Jehle, Creative Director & Blogger | October 30, 2017

Thursday PM, lunch break, end of October: I walk through a market not far from the office, where I find ravishing flowers, fresh and local (mostly organic, woot woot!), fruits and vegetables. The sun is adding some freckles onto the tip of my nose, I feel great in my red Zara dress. What more could I ask for?!
But what I care most about is what I am here to buy: the farmers that are present to talk to customers, to describe their local products. Reality is, short-term gains of conventional farming (ie, cheaper prices in all of those huge stores) are actually reducing our chances to return to organic methods, and for a caring little human like me, it’s important!

The evolution of this clean agriculture is, however, surprisingly positive: the latest data shows that 56% of Canadian grocery shoppers were buying organic products weekly in 2016, and now 66% for the current year.

A little food for thought, and tips of my own for you to eat healthy with a clear conscience:

  • buy local,
  • buy seasonal (to avoid exaggerated price fluctuations),
  • stock up on those good things for the year: did you know fresh corn and ripe avocados could go in the freezer?!
  • “natural” foods aren’t organic, the seal of approval makes a big difference,
  • get to know which products don’t necessarily need to be organic to contain little to no chemicals! Let your friend Google quickly educate you on that… So many recent studies and articles on that topic to be found 🙂

Although this beautiful dress from Zara is sold out, I have hand-picked similar styles to get you shopping for fall/winter. Most of all, they are incredibly affordable!