Photo: Matt Ayotte | Location: Montreal | MUA: Marie-Michèle Claveau | Stylist: Marie-Claude Boisvert |
Skirt: Forever21, Boots and Belt: Ralph Lauren

by Marie-Claude Boisvert, Chief Editor | October 16, 2017

My years in school were, for me, memorable. For sure, they were filled with a lot of ups and down, glorious nights out and multiple study sessions stuck in a library. All in, I had great university years. The october bells have rung, already time for mid-terms, I can picture myself back at school…

This simple look has everything a classic student look would, even budget-wise! The t-shirt comes from the Harvard boutique. The belt and the boots are from Ralph Lauren, from a sale at the end of last season – however, I found current low-price options for you. The skirt is from Forever21. To complete the look, let’s not forget a large fall hat (see alternatives below).
You can easily reproduce this warm, fall-themed look without spending too much. Grab a nice book and go find yourself a cozy spot on the terrasse of a little café, or in a large sunny park!