Photo: Matt Ayotte | Location: Café Pista Montréal | Stylist: Marie-Claude Boisvert | MUA: Jade Tousignant

Dress: Armani Exchange | Skirt: Club Monaco | Blouse: Nordstrom

by Justine Gosselin, Stylist & Blogger

June 30, 2017

Saturday morning, working date with Jade, writing articles for Heels & Brains. It’s summer time, pastel and light colors are back. Bright dresses and skirts are convenient to wear due to the temperature. I love this little ruffle skirt from Club Monaco, currently on sale; to tell you the truth, I am guilty of also having the one from last season in black. When I love, I love something, what can I say, I’m quite passionate… with my wardrobe. See here for a delicate and very similar blouse, too! Meanwhile, Jade wears a simple, pretty white dress with a little childish touch; the collar reaching above her collarbones. Perfect for a quiet summer day in the office and just as professional when accompanied by a jacket.
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