Photo: Matt Ayotte  |  MUA: Jade Tousignant  |  Stylist: Justine Gosselin  |  Simons, Zara, Artizia

by Marie-Claude Boisvert, Chief Editor | June 28, 2017

The day has come, after months of work to build my team, hard work that has lead to something that hopefully will please you,Heels & Brains is here! Proud of my team and our hard work, bringing you a multitude of scientific articles, expert theories on topics that truly match our interests, business outfits out of the ordinary and a series of recommendations on places in the world where we lived, where we travelled as locals!

Nothing can better represent the fashion side of Heels & Brains than a first post with colorful blazers, pants and classy skirts. Dare to stand out!

The first outfit that Maude is wearing is from Simons. Dressed in shades of blue, she is the perfect reflection of a breeze of freshness, colors that remind us of the pigments of the ocean or the sky. Look at those navy pants…!

When you are wearing navy, I strongly advise you to cut it with a lighter color like powder blue. It’s going to accentuate the contrasts and make everything pop out! Thus, each color, by its opposition, is represented at its right value, its right intensity.

Finally, the bow! Oh how much more delicate than a tie, it buckles up the whole style femininely and sublimely.

The romantic in me can’t help it, I see life in pink, especially when wearing this color!

Hoping to share my life-in-pink view with my colleagues, I go down the corridors on a sure and firm step, but always delicate. Without ever going unnoticed, my clothing gives me the confidence to be more productive.

At work, with this little frosted and sweet side, I make my personality stand out. In Zara from head to toe, this candy pink and its flavors are making many envious of my style! These pink pants are really something, make sure to check them out by clicking on the link!

It is time for white! A sign of purity…

This angelic outfit breathes serenity. Fervent admirer of chromo therapy, I reserve this kind of clothing for stressful days.

White is soothing and inspiring at the same time and that’s why I love it so much. By playing with a fuller cut on the pants, it adds movement and comfort. In addition, texture wise, this lightweight fabric is perfect for hot summer days. If, like me, you love it, you will find it all at Simons!

Click here for the white blazer, and if you are looking for the best fitting white pants like Jade is wearing here, you can find them online at BCBG, or at Simons for a looser fit! 😉 

Elegance, simplicity, timelessness. Three words that immediately refer to the last style. I choose black for formal days where I have several meetings. When I face unknown things and new challenges, I like to have a sophisticated outfit without letting my stylish side go.

The black suit never fails, it goes with literally everything. Far from me is the idea of blending too much, I focus on shoes and different cuts. My frock coat is the perfect marriage between a jacket and a dress.

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