Stylist: Marie-Claude Boisvert | Location: Revelstoke | Hat: RELLA, Coat: Guess

by Marie-Claude Boisvert, Chief Editor

January 11, 2018

There are surely many like me, the eternal nostalgic! Unlike today’s children, when I was young, I spent most of my time outside with my friends. Far from electronic gadgets, our brains imagined magical and fantastic worlds. So, when everything seems to go wrong in my week, I love finding the moment to fall back in childhood for a moment. Nothing’s better than a good puff of fresh air .

With my “bomber jacket” from Guess (last year but here a very similar one) and my pink bubblegum hat, I bring out the little girl in me. After all, all I have to do is to sit in front of a fireplace with a hot chocolate and I’ll be overwhelmed.