Stylist: Marie-Claude Boisvert | Location: Old Montreal | Jade Coat : Mackage | MC Coat: Ted Baker, MC gloves: Kate Space

It’s been 7 months since we launched H & B. For those who are just beginning to follow us, let me tell you a bit about Heels & Brains. The idea of H&B started during a five months trip around the world, before my entry into the work market. At that moment, I had the idea of starting a blog to promote different styles from the most conservative to the “Casual Friday’’ look, as well as several of my favorite weekend outfits.

Here you can see two different styles for winter; The vintage and modern classic. My coat comes from Ted Baker, it fine embroidery adds a retro-chic look that I love. For her part, Jade is wrapped up in her warm Mackage coats.

Furthermore, I’ve always been curious by nature, wanting to understand things from inside, diving into a subject to understand every single detail of it. Because of these two passions, I decided to create a blog for both fashion and science. After all, who ever said that science and fashion couldn’t go together?

After months of work, I realized that the project was quickly expanding. I wanted to add several sections but decided to focus on only three; style, articles and travelling from a local perspective but I needed some help. I was looking for rare pearls, smart, stylish, ambitious and dynamic women.

That’s exactly why I joined Heels & Brains – writing for you makes me learn tons. I research meaningful facts and attempt to present them in a pleasant format. Additionally, I love fashion and enjoy expressing myself through my choices of clothing and accessories.

The end of 2017 brought us a new collaborator: Véronique, an outdoor enthusiast, has a Ph.D in microbiology. She moved to the other side of the continent to pursue her dreams. See his story here. The beginning of 2018 also brings us a lot of new surprise and projects, I cannot wait to tell you more and introduce our new collaborators.

Be strong. Be beautiful. Be ambitious. Be brave. Be smart.

But after all, Be yourself, that’s the slogan of Heels & Brains!


Heels & Brains