Photo: Matt Ayotte| MUA: Jade Tousignant | Location: SeaSalt & Ceviche Bar, Montreal Jade’s  Top: Aritzia,
Skirt : Massimo Dutti| MC ’s Top : Eliza J, Shoes: Aldo
by Jade Jehle, Artistic Director & Blogger

#RoséAllDay has become a pop-culture icon, and I want to take you through the journey of this pink tinted wine, right from when it began in the ancient Greece times! Believe it or not, back then, it was civilized to drink watered down wine that came from red or sometimes mixed white and red grapes. There was actually a belief that drinking pure red wine was for drunkards or barbarians.

Over time, the Greeks and Romans explored separating grapes by color – red and white wines were born, with a majority being white wines during a considerably long period. That being said, these early versions of red wine were often tannic and hard to drink. In fact, the general preference was for the less harsh, lighter-colored wines. Rosé remained the beverage of choice for centuries. Even when wine production started in France (Provence), it was field blends of white and red grapes.

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On the other hand, if you are interested in knowing more on rosé and discover its best bottles from around the globe, I can highly suggest Katherine Cole’s “Rosé All Day: The Essential Guide to Your New Favorite Wine”.

A great resource on its history and production, and a fun read to make you savor this underestimated wine.